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Name: lowbrace

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I first spotted a Talon at a symposium in the winter and it reminded me somewhat of my long lost Nigel Foster Legend in that it had hard chines and a fine entry line. So I arranged with the company to paddle one for kicks. Out came my checkbook real fast. It is NOT like the Legend as it's a lot lighter and more stable.

Holding an edge is effortless and cruising speed seems faster although I can't quantify that for sure. One thing I thought I would not like is the cockpit rim sits very high on the paddler which I thought might be in the way of my paddle stroke (low angle Greenland stick) but it wasn't. What the higher coaming did do was make snapping on a tight spraydeck REAL easy! Rolls were almost automatic although I'm sure those that favor lay backs will gripe about the height of the coaming hitting their back. Not me-I favor a combat c-c.

The Talon curiously didn't have carry toggles which makes for a super clean look but I'm taking the boat back this winter to the builder to have them added. My Talon is a legit 44 lbs and balanced perfectly. It cost me way less than the CD Caribou I was favoring and the company has been really great to work with.

I'd give it a 10 but I think there are a few tweaks that should/could be made like tethered hatches and a better back band. But while others are heading for China to circumvent environmental laws, its pretty cool to have something "Made In Michigan" by a small craft builder.