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I purchased the Fathom LV in May, 2008 from Oak Orchard in Rochester, NY and have about 40 outings with it in all kinds of water. I paddled a Impex Mystic prior to this boat. The Mystic was a fine, well-built boat but it just lacked enough foot room.

I tried out several boats in the 15 to 16+ range. My criteria was size, fit and feel in the boat, performance, quality, and weight. I believe the Fathom LV met them all, although it could be a tad lighter. The fit for me (5'6" and 149lbs, 63 yr old male) was excellent with great foot room and a good overall fit. The boat is of high quality and built in Washington State. Nice to see USA on label. The performance is fantastic for a boat that is 15'6" and 21" wide. When I first paddled it I thought it was a little twitchy, esp with side waves, but I grew accustomed to its handling and now feel that it is the best, almost custom-fit boat I could have bought for any money.

I have had this boat out in all types of water, flat, very rough conditions, creeks, rivers, Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario coastlines and it delivered excellent, predictable performance. The efficiency, speed, maneuverability, tracking are the best I have experienced and I have been kayaking since 1998.
Thank you Eddyline for the great design.

I purchased the Kasko as a second boat to my primary boat which is an Impex Mystic. I wanted this boat mainly for creeks and rivers and maybe an occassional lake trip or to take along a friend. I am extremely pleased with this boat. This boat weighs approximately 47 lbs and measures 13'2" from bow to stern and is 23 3/4" wide with a rather small cockpit for a rec hybrid touring yak. I am 5' 6" and 150 lbs and it is a good fit for me. If you need a larger cockpit, the sister boat is the Oopik. My boat is outfitted with bow and stern bulkheads, very nice hatches and adequate deck rigging. It does not have a rudder but is molded to accept one but if you have a decent skill level you can lean this boat easily to turn it. It is highly manueverable but seems more like a longer boat in performance. It tracks pretty well for a 13' boat but due to it's higher profile(14"deep) and no drop-down skeg it will need some correction in stiff wind or surf. I have used this boat in all types of water and I am thoroughly pleased with it. The design with hard chines and the narrow width of this boat, along with great craftsmanship make this a keeper. The seat and backrest is comfortable but the cable support for the backrest is a little tacky. If this boat had a drop-down skeg I would rate it a 10 but overall this is one fine boat.