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Name: WetSandyFeet

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A family-owned Columbus camping and boating dealer strongly (to put it mildly) recommended the Ride 135 to me. Previously I'd had a Pungo 140 (which got totaled). In the water the Ride 135 seemed just fine, I didn't notice any difference in handling. Getting in and out of it with my being handicapped was a joy by comparison. The back and seat were I need a longer paddle but mine will do. The weight of it concerns me, but I can usually tip someone to help me. The Ride 135 didn't ride well in J bars at high speeds on I-94. I brought it back laying flat on the VW rack where it road smoothly and my MPG improved by five miles to the gallon.

This paddle might be the "paddle" for some people. I thought the grips would make me place my hands in the right places. It was windy on Saturday and it was my first time in a 14 foot boat. However I couldn't paddle straight in the wind, the paddle was noisy, and it felt like it had too much play. The list price was $214, I paid $107.00. The only thing I'm happy about is that I didn't pay $214.00 for it.