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Name: cstilfield

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I think first and foremost to like about this boat, is the convenience, no special carriers, easy to store in my garage, without taking up a bunch of space. Transporting by hand is a bit tricky, depending if I am going Solo or Tandem, which is another nice option-I can do either with this boat- it could use some more convenient carry straps-as it can be a bit awkward, and still a bit heavy. Putting the pieces together and taking apart is pretty simple, but could be a bit finicky if you don't get it just right, the more you do it though the easier it gets.

Now the good stuff, paddling it - I mainly use it in Flat Water, with little current and find it does just fine-feels solid and safe. When I have it 'tandemized' it is a little tougher to paddle and steer-but again, practice and the right partner help this. I also really struggled with the very cool Rudder system at first-and got frustrated-as it is more like a Gas Pedal than a Push/Pull system-the only way I get a really good feel for it is by going barefoot. Paddling position and comfort are very good, no Speed records, but enjoyable for a day of flat water and nature watching is perfect. It has 2 storage pods, nice and dry, however the lids are a bit difficult to handle, I at times will get lazy and just keep my stuff in the cockpit.

So, sorry this is not a highly technical detailed review, but a review from a dude that loves to kayak, and now enjoys a boat that is affordable, comfortable, and easy to store and transport. One other thing to consider, be prepared to meet lots of new people, they are fascinated watching you put this together or take apart and glide draws attention and creates lots of questions.