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Name: Yaakker

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I've owned this cart for a month now and use it about twice a week. I have three boats, all of which are different lengths, so I attached three clips (hooks) along the rope to accommodate my three boats. I watch my paddling buddies struggle to attach their poorly designed carts and then have to adjust them only a few yards down the path. I just chuckle. Without a doubt, The Trailtreker cart attaches to your boat easier in less time than others and it's performance while underway far exceeds others. A very clever cart THAT WORKS.

I have owned and paddled year round a Combi for two years and couldn't be happier with it. It has huge water tight, DRY storage for it's size and has a deck hatch which is very useful. The adjustable seat, back & thigh pads are very comfortable and the footpegs adjust while your seated. I paddle it in small fast twisting rivers where it excells in it's handing and manuverability. It turns on a dime, edges easily and overall a fun boat to paddle. While not a fast boat, I'm never left behind! It tracks well enough with corrective strokes but does have a drop down skeg available that attaches without tools and works fantastic. It comes off in one minute (again with no tools) and will fit easily in the dry hatch. Although it is advertised to handle WW up to class 3 I have never had it in anything greater than class 1. At 6'1" and 190lbs I fit in it with room to spare. The boat is strong, solid and just well built.

I purchased a red & white Marlin Prilite early this summer and really like it. Although I have two other Prijon's, this is my first "long boat" I find it extremely comfortable, stable and it turns easily with a little edging. It's fast, tracks well and has a nice silent glide. The neoprene hatch covers are water tight and go on & off more easily than on my other boats. I think this is because this material seems to be a little thinner and the bungee cord is of a smaller dia. The hard protective hatch covers fit well and have a look like Kevlar which is a detail that has not gone unnoticed. Both covers are flush with the decking. The "deck box" is not a neoprene sock as in other models but made of hard plastic with a usable space inside much larger than it's opening. This Prijon feature and it's location was ONE OF the influences on me picking this boat. It's great for phone, camera, GPS, maps, binoculars, ect. There are provisions to hold your paddle behind the cockpit for a self rescue as well as a place for a spare paddle. I purchased the Prijon Rudder after the fact (just thought the Marlin needed to be complete!) but have yet to use it. I've tried it out to see what it does and it does "turn the boat" or steady it's course but have never needed it on a paddle. I"ve been in waves & wakes coming at me, coming from behind me and coming at me diagonally and have never felt in danger. The boat is outfitted smartly and the design, fit & finish is, in my opinion, superb. My Marlin weighs 53 lbs empty without the rudder. Last but not least, this boat draws attention and comments like " that boat looks really fast" or "that is one pretty boat" Maybe you can tell: I REALLY LIKE THIS BOAT!