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Name: adonohue

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I'm a longtime paddler but fairly new at SUP. I wanted a board that would be easy for me to carry and put on the car by myself, and as a 5'1" woman, loading and unloading are often the hardest parts of paddling for me. This board is a little heavier than I was looking for-at 32 pounds it is a little bulky for me, but I'm still able to easily move it around and get it on the car. I paddle a variety of conditions and bodies of water, and I've been impressed with it's responsiveness. The extra long deck pad is great for doing yoga, and I'm expecting to enjoy this board for a long time. Pros responsive, easy to paddle and edge, comfortable footing and good for wide range of activities Cons a bit heavy compared to other models at that size,wish it had some inset places for deck rigging. I'll have to add a stick on deck kit. Usage surf, touring, yoga