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Name: tagurley

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I’ve been floating for over 20 years, mainly in canoes. I current own an Old Town Charles River and I love it, but the Streak is my first kayak. Man why haven’t I bought one before now!? I only paid $249 new from Gander Mountain and it’s the best money I’ve spent in a while. I’ve done a lot of research on line before purchasing a kayak and this one has all the features I was looking for. This kayak is stable and tracks well for the length and will turn on a dime. It’s also comfortable. Go ahead and buy a skirt even if you don’t expect to do white water to keep dry from the paddle dripping. I added a rod holder and a paddle bungee myself. I like the amount of storage it provides and the seat design allows you to get to the storage area behind the seat easily. My first trip out, I put in on the head waters of a local lake and floated down to the lake and back. I was able to quietly sneak up on ducks, turkeys and turtles along the way. I can’t wait to try fishing from this rig and I am planning an overnight on the Buffalo River this spring. A LOT OF FUN FOR THE MONEY!

DON'T BUY THIS CANOE! I bought a 2005 model, used it 4 times, and luckily sold it. You will only be disappointed. The price is not all that is cheap. You get what you pay for has never been more real. If you can call this canoe stable you have never been in a REAL canoe. I like the configuration of the 3 seats but the overall integrity is not here. The keel is too high and the overall strength lies in the keel pipe, rim, and seats (which can self destruct). I have seen one of these canoes turn inside out on a rock in class 2 water. Do yourself a favor and buy a used Old Town and don't look back. Happy paddling.