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Name: bkyriakou

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Small but keeps you warm. I used this 1-man tent in the mountains in North Carolina in freezing weather. I woke up warm but my tent was covered in frost. I was much more comfortable than my hiking companions who each slept in larger tents. One drawback is that test setup requires you to use stakes.

It does what it is supposed to, keep your gear dry and floating when your canoe tips over. I have tipped over a few times and my gear is always dry. Dry gear is very underrated until you see others who wet their gear or worst, lose their gear. My one negative remark is the the straps are not that well thought out. They are attached well but could be laid out better.

I have owned mine (10L bag) for more than a few years. It is still water tight and has not hazed or become cloudy. I like the ability to see what is inside of my dry bag but it is not really necessary.

Good canoe for calm water and beginners. Can fit two and a week's worth of gear. Lacks speed but very stable. Would recommend as a first canoe because of stability and durability (ROYALEX). Biggest complaint is that cane seats dry rot and fail but after several years of use and storage.

Good for an inexpensive kayak. Not a true sea kayak and definitely not a whitewater kayak. I can fish from it and paddle to reasonable fishing locations. Very stable but have not tested water tightness of hatches. Customer service was very helpful when I called to replace a lost part.