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Name: rik_anaka

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The Freefall is an old school creek boat, circa early 1990's. I bought my Freefall last summer for super cheap. The plan was to use it as a whitewater tripper. Last summer I tried taking it on some technical runs... just to see how it did. Maybe it's just that I'm used to more modern boats, but wow what a beast. The massive volume and long length get caught by every current imaginable. So no more technical runs in the Freefall. What this boat does excel at is carrying lots of gear and plowing it's way down a rapid. This winter's project is stripping out all but the necessary outfitting to open up the massive volume for gear. It'll then be my class 3 tripping machine.

Pros: Monstrous volume and displacement hull holds tons of gear. Big speed. Plows through just about anything. Super easy to roll. Will be a great tripper.

Cons: This thing is a beast. Not for technical runs. Definitely not a playboat.

I've had my Switch for several years now. I love it. I even learned how to paddle whitewater in it. I've had people offer to buy it off of me and I have refused. I'm going to hold onto it until one of us dies!

Pros: Great speed, great carving, wonderful to surf, even a nice boofer!
Cons: The bow and stern are extremely low volume which can get you in trouble if you aren't paying attention to the edges. But they are great for throwing down.

I would definitely recommend this boat to any intermediate or above paddler looking for a fun river-running playboat. Good luck getting your hands on one though. Everybody I know who has one isn't giving their's up.

I would suggest that beginners go in another direction. It's a fairly wide boat which makes it somewhat difficult to roll (I still have a hard time hand-rolling in it). Also the extremely low-volume ends make it very unforgiving. But that being said, I learned in it so I guess it's not that bad!

I've had my 10.5 since June, and I love it. It is very responsive and stable. This is a great boat for beginners or people looking for a do-it-all hull. The storage is alright, and would probably do well on an overnight trip (I have not tried it yet). My only complaint about this boat is the skeg cord. Mine was far too long and kept slipping off. A few knots and that was fixed. All in all, a great boat for a resonable price.