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Name: tiride62

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About me: I'm on the other side of 50 years old and the far side of 200lbs. I consider myself as just graduating from novice paddler to moderately skilled. I've owned this boat for a year now and like it more every time I paddle it. Just returned from a 3 week trip in Algonquin and couldn't be happier.

The boat is fast and stable, carries a big load, handles rough water well and looks awesome too. Nearly everyone who sees it stops to ask about it and compliment me on it's looks. It's comfortable to fish in or just bird watch. I can make good time crossing big water even with a load. It doesn't have a lot of rocker so turning is easier with a bit of lean. It has tumblehome sides making it easier to paddle with a single paddle. I'm able to get a 110L SeaLine pack in the back and a small barrel and small backpack in the front plus my camera bag and spare paddle. Boat is under 40lbs and doesn't feel dainty at all. Everyone I've let paddle it loves the speed and the solidness of the boat. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a boat for lake trips.

I love this boat. I bought this boat in the spring and have made two trips with it, 3 nights and 5 nights plus many day trips this summer.

Boat performs as advertised. Goes fast and straight, holds tons of gear and has great secondary stability. Paddles well solo, which was a pleasant surprise. Hit some rough water in Algonquin this year and boat preformed admirably, little bit of splash for the front paddler but never caused any worries. Portages really well, seems lighter then the 52lbs it weights, maybe it's the yoke that does it. Mine is the regular Kevlar layup with a kneeling thwart.