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Name: billcanoes

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I borrowed this board, so this review is based on 1 use on a lake. The board didn't track well, and was pretty slow. I think if you want a board for kids to play on this is perfect. But my perception is if you are looking for a board to see if you like to paddleboard, this board wont push you into the sport. Besides a lake toy for kids, it might be a decent board to use downstream on a slow moving river. Pros inexpensive Cons slow Usage child's lake toy- downriver

This is a river whitewater SUP. So I would not recommend it for use on a lake- It would be very slow for that- The board was one of the innovators IMO of the SUP market. Anyway it is very stable and a lot of fun I like to use it when I go on easier whitewater that would be boring in a c1 or kayak. It surfs well. Pros Plastic so it can hit rocks without worry-- very stable --good intro platform to WW Cons Heavy Usage class II-III whitewater

This is a great boat, I use it mostly at Wilson Creek which is about 100fpm gradient. Going over boat busters at Wilson Creek, if you take the boof to the right, it feels a little uneasy free falling without being "locked in" it also drifts a little due to wind which can make your lines a little trying but in general it's an awesome white water inflatable at a fraction of the cost of an Aire...

the plastic on DraggoRossi kayaks feels stronger than the plastic in a Pyranha, Dagger or Liquid Logic. The boat was very stable; great resurfacing and turned quickly

I own the newer version of the Manta Ray and the old. The newer Twist-Lock is slipping... where the twist lock seats into the shaft... and the old version sticks (I sanded it lightly but it is brutal). Just to be clear there are carbon and metal versions.

Despite the problems with the locks/connections, I think this is the best value (for graphite) paddle available for a sit on top or sea kayak. The blade generates a ton of power, the shaft is stiff and very light weight

I've owned Werner, Mitchell, Bending Branches and Galasport paddles for both kayak and canoe

This is a great flatwater / mild-river paddle. The rock guard is nice to prevent wear on the end of the blade. The blade is about an inch more narrow than a white water blade which means less catch, which is a nice feature for extended trips

This is a wonderful paddle. I'm on my third one. My favorite testimony is the blade got caught in a rock and the shaft bent/flexed enough for me to lean backwards and slide underneath it. the blade cracked on the occurrence, but it was able to suffice until I got off the river. Decent catch - the shaft doesn't feel flexible under normal use

OK - I own a breakdown version of this paddle and I sold my one piece. As one of the few breakdown canoe paddles I'm glad it's out there - also this review is for the fiberglass blade, not carbon, so the fiberglass blade is terrible. I know its the same blade material as a Player or Sidekick kayak paddle but it must be the blade angle that causes the canoe paddle to chip and fail. If you can afford to replace one on a regular basis then the catch is nice...

This paddle is amazing for flat water, and mild river (if you want to risk damaging the face) it is extremely lightweight and beautiful finish - wood shaft with an extremely thin wood blade with a layer of carbon on top.

ok, I own(ed) two of these paddle - both broke, one at Pete Morgans on the Cheat where a rock cause the aluminum tip to delimanate from the blade - the other on Nantahala, the shaft snapped in half on an eddy turn. They feel wonderful but, at least for me, don't seem stout enough for river running