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Just bought the Future Beach Voyager Angler 10.4 si. It is identical to the Explorer 10.4 si but it has two fishing rod holderes behind the seat and in front of back hatch. And instead of sports colors it comes in a outdoors beige. I wanted to get it in a green. But it only shows beige online. So I put it on lay away at Dunhams. 30 days later i payed it off. And before I got out the door with it I saw it in seaweed green. Swaped it out and now I am happy. So it comes in two colors. But they havent upgraded it onlne yet.

Just got the Future Beach Explorer 10.4 si. It is a great entery level kayak for the price. I am happy with it and plan on upgradeing it with accesories for fishing. It doesnt have pole holders, but it does have spots marked on its deck for them. It weighs 40 lbs and has handles to carry at both ends-which makes it easy to move for two people. My wife just wishes it had more color options.

I am loving this new paddle. With a cool green and black camo pattern. Looks great with with my seaweed green kayak. It has light and strong fiberglass handle. That feels great. Looks similar to carbon fiber. One paddle has a hook notched out for lure retreival from trees or under water obstructions you might encounter. Its my first pick of paddels from the Carlisle lineup, and I reccomend it highly.