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I purchased this PFD when I bought my first kayak and am very pleased with the fit and comfort. My husband purchased another brand for me prior to this purchase and the difference in comfort and weight is notable. The No Limits PFD looks exactly the same as the other brand, both have emergency whistles in the front pocket and both adjust the same way with the straps for tightening. But the difference that made up my mind was the weight. I almost don't even feel the weight of the No Limits PFD, but the other was heavy when comparing in each hand, but even heavier when wearing it on my back.

I am so happy I bought the No Limits to compare and I returned the other PFD unused, and am pleased with our purchase of the No Limits. We bought a size XS/S, and it fits me well (female 125# and 5'2"). Easily adjustable to fit someone a little larger as well.

As a new paddler, this is a nice boat for flat water paddling. The adjustable foot pedal makes it easy for anyone in my family to use. The back of the seat is adjustable and is comfortable for the length of time we have been in the boat, which has been about 2 hours at a time. The water proof container in the cockpit makes it convenient to put a small phone, but a larger iPhone 6 will not fit. The cupholder is very nice to keep a bottle of water handy. The kayak handles well in the water, and storage areas on both sides of the boat are great places to keep a granola bar or other snack. Also the storage in the front and rear with bungee cords are perfect places to store your lunch/snacks or extra gear. It also has a towable storage area that fits nicely into the rear bungee hatch. I recommend removing this when you transport the boats, as it is not secured unless you tie it off, but can still slip out of the hatch when on its side.

The length of the boat is 10 feet, and getting the boat on/off the rack is a little challenging for a smaller stature person, but can be done. Overall we are very pleased with the boats we purchased and have taken them out several times this summer.
Overall a modestly-priced kayak with lots of versatility for storage and handles well.