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Name: Flatwaterthrills

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I am very happy with my purchase of the Old Town Next. It's my first canoe/kayak. I have been out several times this summer and am loving everything about it. I'm overweight and have bad knees so I had been trying sit on top kayaks and found them too heavy and sluggish in the water. I couldn't keep up with my smaller kayaking friends. Now the tables have turned!

I love how fast and maneuverable my Next is and my friends can't get over the speed I have. It doesn't track as well as the kayaks my friends have but I can tell you that they all have said they would rather have my Next. I don't think the seat could be more comfortable. It is outstanding! I had read review of issues with seats popping out but the strap under the seat seems to alleviate the problem. I have had zero problems and have been out in the water for hours and remember I'm fat.

In regard to the weight of Next, it is much lighter than the SOT kayaks I had been trialing so I am very pleased. You would not make a mistake in making this your "next" canoe/kayak.