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Name: 333hijib

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My Dagger Atlantis is my main boat. I also use a Dagger Charlstone 15 for the river and to train friends in sea kayaking. The Atlantis was bought new about 9 years ago. It is everything I could ask for in a kayak. The only negative is the weight, which all my paddle friends complain about when we have to carry the kayaks at a portage. This boat has taken me from a novice level to advanced. It has safely taken me through a force 9 and 18 foot swell in the Atlantic on a trip to circum navigate The Bishop Rock lighthouse and back. We did not make The Bishop (by about only 2 miles) but did get me back to calmer waters and eventualy St Marys (Scilly Isles). The following year we did complete The Bishop trip. It has taken me safely round most of the south and west coast of Wales, along with the West Highland coast of Scotland. Almost all the south coast of England and dozens of rivers en route. Many trips across to the Isle of Wight and several partial circum navigations. The coast of East Anglia, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and some of Northumberland. Inland numerous rivers, The Lake District, Scottish Lochs and the coast to coast trip in Scotland via the Caledonian canal and Great Glen. It is capacious on camping trips, comfortable and gives me great confidence when in sea white water and 'rock hopping'. I have just replaced the original hatch covers with the newer type fitted to the Charleston range. Also just fitted new deck lines. My opinion is that this kayak was designed for the expedition paddler. I am around 6 foot and 13.5 stone (188 pounds). More importantly in a little over a year will be 70 years young. I've just returned from leading 13 much younger paddlers along the south Devon and Cornwall coasts on a trip in excess of 200 miles in 9 days. The boat is as good now as the day I bought it, a few scrapes and bumps but still watertight and stable. Next w/e I'm leading a group on a canoe camping w/e across to the Isle of Wight where the Atlantis will once again play an important role as a carrier of all my kit for the w/e. The Atlantis has never tipped me out, nor let me down. A rudder cable did come adrift due to a rust failed clamp where it fits onto the foot peg. Both sides were 'declamped' and replaced with stainless 'U' bolts for pennies. I did have to turn the footrest sliders upside down to compensate for wear so in some years time they will of course have to be replaced having worn away the other sides. A much recommended boat if you see one for sale.