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Name: dcotton

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Purchased for $350 on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods in December 2006, I can't say anything bad about the canoe. Have used it mostly on lakes, a little on the heavy side (74 lbs.) but not unreasonable. Slow go in much of a head wind but stable as the day is long. I never sat in a canoe before I bought this one, have had it out 20 plus times and have never turned it over except for one time.

Running the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River, on a 3 day trip, handled gear and two inexperienced paddlers for the 30 mile trip down river. On the last day, one mile from the take out, we came upon Devil's Jump. Everyone was portaging around the falls, after packing most of the equipment to the lower end of the falls, I look and my partner and say "we can run this" and we did. Hit a major boil at the bottom lost balance and rolled over. Before we even got out of the water I told my partner we were dragging the boat back and doing it again. We did, and made through the second time without a problem at all. After bouncing off of rocks and down rapids, only very minor scratches on the bottom. Tough boat, not pretty in the classic style, but tough.

I love this boat, it will take you safely where you want to go.