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Name: TupperwareBill

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Awesome for self support, huge volume (300 plus liters, 80 1/2 gal) and no internal support needed because of the quality of the manufacturing process. It's too bad this company stopped making kayaks awhile back. The boat rolls easier than any other boat I've ever used... sooo forgiving!

Very comfortable and would be great for larger kayakers, I am 5' 11" 170lbs and the boat is all most too big for me (I have it adjusted almost all the way in) tons of foot room (my feet are us size 9 it could accommodate much larger feet than mine. The boat punches through waves and holes with ease and is easy to boof. As for value I bought this particular boat from a guy who won it in a raffle and it was brand stinking new (I even had to put the stickers and padding in). The boat is practically bulletproof, great really tough plastic.

This was the first kayak I ever had, Great boat for river running, maneuvers very well, long and fast enough to be very efficient on the river, Good volume for self support with no internal supports due to the manufacturing process eskimo used, a very tough boat mine is twenty years old and except for plenty of scratches is in great shape. Very roomy inside with a comfortable rubber seat and fully adjustable foot rest.

The Emotion Comet is a very basic recreational Kayak made for easy calm water and not a bad boat. The boat is quite stable, tracks fairly well, and has good volume for a short boat. It's seat is fairly comfortable with a high back. I have used it with a spray skirt and found that the seat design made it difficult to get a skirt on the kayak. The foot peg setup is ok but could use improvement. With some modification it can be turned into a nice little fishing rig.