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Both of my daughters started in Perception XSs. They are quick, easily maneuverable, and seem to be fairly stable. They are light enough for 7-10 y.o.s to move around and to help load, etc. They are narrow enough that the kids can use appropriately sized paddles without banging their fingers on the sides. Real, adjustble footpegs are a huge plus

There are two minor disadvantages: the seats are not fully adjustable, and they are not comfortable for more than an hour or two (which might be all a 7 y.o. can handle anyway). Second is that one your kid will be paddling this, and then the "next day" they won't fit in the cockpit...

It is a well constructed boat, and the tow rope is really useful. Width is nice for stability, with one caveat: once your child wants to paddle more than be towed, they will likely find this boat hard to paddle. My daughter was constantly hitting her fingers on the sides, so we ended up going to a small adult kayak for her.

But, to get a kid into their own boat and enjoy the sport, this is a great first kayak.