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Name: rmvsail

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This kayak is great, it is very stable. Exactly what you what in a fishing boat. The down side is it's slower than most boats. I got this kayak for my birthday and I love it so much. It is a great learning boat. In the other review the bulkhead was not sealed and that was true on my boat too, but nothing a little caulk can't fix. Once fixed the the boat has proved to be very durable.

This is a really great boat for the money. It's a solid & stable boat. A great fishing boat. The materials even allowed for some customization that I wanted to make. While it's true you won't win many races, I believe it moves along just fine. There is no everything boat, so if you give up a little speed and gain all the utility this boat offers who cares if you don't cross the finish line first. I'm comfortable enjoying my day on the water.

Someone coined the term "SUV of boats" in a review when I first started looking, I think that term applies here. This boat offers a huge capacity (I can take my 6 year old daughter or large dog along comfortably), comfortable seat, & stable ride. Pretty much meets the SUV criteria.

There are a few basic improvements to make the boat truly awesome. One add a larger back storage hatch in place of the 8" one(I plan on doing that this winter), two open up the bow hatch instead of the shallow trey under the front hatch(I have already cut this open myself, it allows you to store larger items in the bow). Lastly eliminate the molded foot braces and use foot pegs. It would make standing up a bit easier. There is space to mount them, as the mold shape has enough space to do so. I think that may be a winter project too. So I end the way I began, Great boat for the money!