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I have had a Riot Stealth EXP for about a year now. I have taken it out on quick rivers, lakes, twisty creaks, and chop. Quick, nimble, and edges like a dream. However, not a kayak for anyone who is uncomfortable with watching current. The boat is extremely responsive, but eddies will catch you if you are a "floater".

No leaks whatsoever. If you have big feet, you will have to go shoeless. I wear size 8 womens and have narrow feet, but can only get very low profile shoes in the boat. Also, the boa fits me perfectly. I like a tight boat, and at 5'9" and 125-130 lbs, I have no problems. However, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone any bigger than me! My son also loves my boat. He is 12 and 5'2" and 110 lbs.

The boat is very quick and does not weathercock hardly at all.