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Name: sscohen

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I love my Wenonah canoe. I am a small petite female and I paddled this boat full of 7 days of gear through the Everglades Wilderness Waterway in South Florida. This boat seems intuitive and handles so well. For the 7 days of back country paddling we had head winds and current that matched class 3 whitewater, yet the boat glided, turned and eddied easily.

It is durable and roomy enough to put a third seat in the middle if desired. I just paddled the boat from the bow in reverse. I have had this boat for years, and though it has some scars of use, it is incredibly durable, maneuverable and worthy of its 10 rating.

I have used 2 Whisperlites for years on back country trips. The are light, compact and functional. Like any stove, in the wind the stove needs protection. It sets up easily with wide feet at the base for stability as most often I am cooking in the sand or uneven terrain. It easily packs in my cook kit and never has given me problems.

I wouldn't trade this for anything. I also took one of these on a 4 day hike of the AT and in the pouring rain it was marvelous. Hot quick meals, cools quickly for quick turnaround meals and off again!