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This review is two fold. I want to praise both the company and the board. When I first chose to buy a Three Brothers Board, it was because of the beauty. I also liked the fact that they were shaped in the U.S. I ordered the Red Rail model because I wanted a board with a rounded tail, and here is where I have the highest praise for the company. My order was in for the 10' 6" Red Rail and right away I got a message that they had just sold the last one in stock. They told me that they had a special edition 11' 4" Red Rail, and I could have it for the same price as the 10' 6" board. Now, that was a deal. When the board arrived, I was blown away by its looks. Even the delivery man marveled at the quality and craftsmanship. This board is a dream to paddle. It is smooth and stable. It glides through the water to the point where my 33 year old son, who has much more paddle experience than me, had a hard time keeping up on his 10' 6" foam covered board.. In closing, Three Brothers Boards are always running some type of special offering, which make owning one of these beauties even easier. Check out there amazing story on their home page.

This was my first time on a sup, and I was amazed at how I felt at ease from the start. I am not a spring chicken, but the stability of the Lake SUP took away any doubts I might have had. My wife and I were both paddling 12' Lake SUPs on Lake Union in Seattle. The only problem my wife encountered was when a seaplane took off. She got caught broadside by the wake and tumbled into the water. Pros We both were amazed at the stability of the boards. Their design enabled them to glide through the water with a minimum of effort. They were also very sporty looking. Cons I can't really think of anything I felt to be a negative about these boards. Usage We were out on Lake Union in Seattle for an hour on a beautiful summer morning. We just took our time enjoying the sights surrounding the lake.

As a 65 year old first time paddler, I was amazed at the ease at which I was able to enjoy paddling. The stability of the board made my morning, one to be remembered for a long time.The shape of the board helped my move through the water with a minimum of effort. From that day on, I have been a fan of the 12' Lake SUP by Liquid Shredder. Pros I liked the weight, which made the board easy for me to carry. I liked the high quality of workmanship which the company put into production. Of course, the board is a very attractive board. Cons My only con is the price. Right now, I just can't seem to find the extra money for the purchase. Usage I was out on Lake Union in Seattle, WA on a beautiful summer morning. I live right on the Willapa River in South Bend, WA and would use the board traveling up and down the river.

My wife and I tried sup boarding for the first time and were given the Lake SUP 12s to paddle. We both were amazed at the stability these boards provided.We had no instruction, but we both were able to stand up and have an hour of fun. These boards are very forgiving and allowed us to leave wanting more, more, more. Pros We really liked the stability and ease of control. Cons Usage We were just out enjoying the beauty of Puget Sound.

My wife, son, and I paddled the Lake SUP 12' last weekend. It was the first time for both my wife and me, and we aren't kids. My wife is in her early 50's, and I am 64. We had a blast. We both got up right away and found the ride to be quite stable. The only time my wife fell in was when a seaplane took off and sent a 1' wake her way. Pros Very comfortable and stable. We got up right away and felt more at ease in no time. Cons I can't think of anything I didn't like about the board. Usage We were just taking a leisurely paddle in a lake.

I purchased my Edge 2 weeks ago and already have 30+ hours in it. The thing I like most is its ease to load and unload. I just fold down the back seats of my van and slide it in. The 38 lbs. makes it so easy to handle, and its 9'8" length makes it a cinch to store as well as cougar up the narrow sloughs where I paddle. I think it handles quite well and cuts through small swells like a dream. The adjustable footpegs are good, but I wish they were a bit wider, as my feet get sore on a long paddle. With the spray skirt I keep warm and toasty. I truely believe you get a lot of bang for your buck.