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Name: murderhill

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My wife and I each both own this model kayak (mine's yellow, hers is "grape"). It an attractive couple of boats in the water. For eight years, we have explored the lakes, ponds and rivers of northeastern NY. We are in our late sixties and may be at the end of using this sort of boat. We may move on to a canoe. Nothing we do together is strenuous. We avoid wind and waves so I can't speak about how the wind effects the boat's performance. I thought that the recycled plastic bag idea was intriguing although I now think that it shouldn't be a consideration when buying a kayak.

The price at the time was affordable, It's attractive, good for puttering around calm water lakes and streams, It is light enough (I was told 36 lbs) to lift onto the roof of our Outback (by myself on occasion although it is risky).

its performance is limited, If you are paddling in a group for a seven mile distance which I did recently and there are high end boats in the group, you will have all you can do to keep up. It is slow compared to the better quality boats and it doesn't track very well.
The plastic is prone to softening and becoming misshapen in full sun sitting on a roof rack.
At my age, getting in and out of this boat is a chore and can sometimes be embarrassing. The opening is not wide and it is tough to get your knees in and out of the interior. If you are wide or tall: don't do it. The width is adequate although sometimes the boat rolls and I have gone over and dumped a couple of times for hardly any reason.