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Name: JayandSue

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This is the second canoe that I have purchased and by no means consider myself to be an expert. But, I can say that I love it and wish they were still in business so that I could buy a solo canoe as well and maybe even a 16' tandem later on when I have only two travelers but for know I'll keep using this as it is great for three with the additional third seat I installed by taking out the thwart.

Like I said, I can only compare this to my other canoe which is a M.R. Explorer, in royalex, and I think this canoe is far superior. I find it more stable, much faster and much lighter in the kevlight of course. It does scratch easy but I hope to use it more than save it. This makes for a fabulous family canoe as Bell's web site testifies.
I have seen on facebook that Bell is making canoes again and that they are available in Minnesota. If they are I hope that the molds are the same.

This is a fine canoe and is what a canoe should be. Not junk that turns people off.