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Name: mbrn12000

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I had to comment again as I too had problems with tires loosing air. I was contacted by manufacturer without requesting any consideration. Paddlelogic replaced my wheels with tubeless wheels at no cost. Now the product will ship with tubeless wheels. Everyone who sees this cart is amazed. I put my cart on today and am getting ready to go by 4/1/13!

Have had Motion now for 15 months. Waited until paddling under a variety of conditions to write review. Have now paddled in moving water, large lakes, waves 2.5-3 ft, wind both loaded heavily and empty. This boat handles extremely well in all conditions.

Recently completed a 4 day group camping trip to Georgian Bay via the Key River. There was plenty of storage for personal gear as well as space for food and supplies for group. This is a low volume boat and cuts through waves nicely. I do have the rudder installed and use this on occasion in windy conditions with wind at back and paddling for extended periods.

The cockpit is very comfortable with foot pegs, seat and thigh braces fully adjustable. I am six feet and weigh 205#. Several acquaintances have also purchased the Motion this past year and are also very happy.

Second Review. I have now used the cart several times on a variety of surfaces. Works great on rocks, over driftwood and through sand and gravel and uneven surfaces. Does it all with no problems. Also mount on boat while in the water in less than 30 seconds. I also leave attached when boat is on roof as this makes unloading much quicker. I did fit a small length of chain to rigging behind seat for line attachment. I also had problems with tires but found small DC pump for car tires at big box store that works well. Have filled tires 3x since April. I have issues with my back and this has been a great asset!

Just received my Trailtrekker. Under one minute to assemble. Fits nicely behind rear hatch. The one point is that there is not a place on cowling on my boat to attach clip. I now have it on rear seat. Will make something more permanent. I've dragged across tree roots rocks drain pipe in front lawn and up and down curbs. Seems to do what they say it will. Will have to leave unassembled to stow in my boat.

I have Prijon Motion at 15 feet and 58 pounds. Strap does not work well with this boat. I can carry but is awkward and only useful for short distances. The pads do not stay in place and have torn. I think duct tape will be the answer. Wrap horizontal with an overlapping vertical strip may work. What I do find this useful for is helping to position boat to avoid damaging rudder when lifting to roof of car. Would probably work ok with the short light recreation boats or short whitewater boats.