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Name: ScottC

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Great stability for 200lb+ crowd. I'm 230 and I'm glad I bought this board. I'm 56 and new to Paddleboarding. This has been a great fit for me and my family. Used mostly for bay and river, this board handles it all. It is light enough for my wife and kids(15 and 18) to put on the car and go! Pros Handling. Weight. Deck pad. Looks--simple but nice. Transporting is easy. Cons Not really any. If I were to nitpick, I wish it had more bungee tie downs, and maybe a go pro mount! Usage Touring. Exercise. River Paddling. Family fun

This is my 2nd board. I bought this for my wife and kids. I have a slightly bigger board, but I can ride this as well. I'm 230lbs. and still a beginner, so I was impressed that this board can handle someone my size. As for my wife and kids, they love it! Pros Handles well. Looks great Cons Nothing yet. I'm worried it might be too fragile, but I have had no problems. Usage Bays, rivers, touring , exercise