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Name: paddlerdan

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I have used this canoe for 4 BWCA trips and multiple float river camping trips in WI. This canoe will handle three passengers and all gear for a week expedition with ease. It has minimal rocker, but can still be managed in whitewater by experienced paddlers. I have added lining holes just above water line for wilderness work. It is good in chop on large bodies of water, and has excellent secondary stability. Length makes it glide well. At 64 lbs, it is a rugged compromise, but worth the safety. I would recommend it to younger paddlers who do not need Kevlar for portage, but I am 67yrs old and still not ready to switch.

The T-swivel works very well to load my 17 foot Penobscot. I purchased the set with an extension plate to attach a ball hitch for pulling a trailer when the Canoe Caddy is on. I had to use a sleeve bushing to adapt the 3/4 inch riser bolt to the standard one inch hole in my receiver hitch. With the ball hitch attachment the 2-inch long bolt is 1/2 inch short. I am unable to find a square headed 3/4 inch bolt 2 1/2 inches long. So as shipped I cannot use the Canoe Caddy with a trailer ball add-on. I am disappointed, since my Reese hitch is standard thickness and the bolt should fit.