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Name: rufus,sr.

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As a loyal WS customer, I have a 140, but got to demo the new Duralite 120 today, which weighs 39 lbs. I was really impressed with this 12 ft. kayak, it paddled as fast as the 140, handles as good, think WS is making a good kayak better.

"PUNGO140" I'm surprised for the lack of reviews of the new ones. We have both old style and new 140. You set them side by side only thing that looks familiar is the cockpit size. The new one seems easier to paddle and faster, but it is longer, track straight,stable, handles excellent on calm, flat water, put it in wind and chop, its hard to keep straight. But in calm water its hard to beat, the sides are lower which makes it paddle better for me, seems to feel more comfortable than old style. One thing i don't like is the hatch covers, they are hard to get on, because they didn't leave enough clearance around them or lip should have higher. The poly is suppose to be better and lighter, but looks cheaper, they should ahve had a sealed bulkhead in front, like the back, just for flotation purpose it would have been worth the extra money in price to me. Looks like they should have some common sense help designed kayaks, along with the brain people, all in all i would rate it 9 out of 10, also plan to buy a 120 in the future. Happy paddling!!

I just bought a new one, this is the second one I've had, I wanted a rudder and it was cheaper, than buying a rudder and putting on the old one. I like it because of length, size of cockpit, its not as big as the pungo's cockpit. It paddles good, tracks good on calm flat water, but put it in wind, chop it different, put the rudder down and it does ok. The rudder is a good thing to have as conditions change often sometime, I wish it had a sealed bulkhead on front though. The seat doesn't set as good as the regular phase 3, because the bottom of the seat is molded as part of the kayak,and is raised up off bottom, looks as if they had a perception designer to design it, because it has tracking channels like the perception acadia, seat bottom designed same way, but I like it a lot, thats why I would rate it 9 out 10.