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Name: CircuitRider

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Tried to find a review on this boat when I was looking at it. Found very few - some old pdf copies of Mad River Catalogues. The Fantasy is a short little boat with 4" of rocker. Not a play boat, but a good down river whitewater or creek boat. Turns easily and edges in and out of eddys very well.

I am the owner of a 16 foot Penobscot Royalex canoe and had opportunity to but a used 17 Penobscot. I have only paddled it once and was surprised the difference the foot made to the paddling experience. I found it a little more cumbersome to paddle it solo. To be fair though it has increased capacity and the ability to haul a great deal of gear for river or lake trips. I'll be giving it many more tries. I'm sure that paddling it tandem will be a much better experience.

I have found that the Passage 2 tent is an excellent choice for canoe and backpack camping. While it does well for two smaller campers it serves well has a solo tent as well. When you do have two campers the fact that it has a door on either side is great for those middle of the night breaks. This also gives you two vestibule areas under the fly for double the storage space. The fly is vented this helped tremendously with preventing condensation build up. Great product at a great value.

I have been canoeing since I was 8; I am now 49. Well I didn't really canoe when I was 8 - I hung onto a rope with my brother as my Dad paddled our 17 foot Grumman down the Clarion River in PA. I was hooked. When I started actually paddling on canoe trips I loved it even more. All I knew were the trustworthy old work horse Grummans. So I continued to paddle that same Grumman I swam behind at 8.

I kept hearing good things about the Penobscot's. Seeing a good deal at a sporting warehouse. I snatched up a red one with aluminum gunnels. I have since had it back on the Clarion River and have also paddled a calm part of the Youghighaney several times. I love paddling it solo, kneeling just in front of the kneeling thwart. When you heel it over it more or less gives it the foot print of about a 12 foot boat and turns very easily.

I love it and look forward to enjoying for years. Maybe I will get to tow an 8 year old behind me.