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Name: mccorpsman

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This is my first high end paddle; I've always bought cheap paddles that last a season or two before needing extensive work or a match. The Espresso is light, strong, comfortable, and the finish is almost bullet-proof. I've used it for hundreds of miles for multi-day trips on lakes and rivers, and some very skinny water. I wax it before a trip and then clean and re-wax after and it looks brand new. It enters and exits water quietly and is beautiful to boot.

Another gimmicky gift I didn't want... and thank goodness for it! A cooking pot review in the electronics category? You betcha' - this pot is a USB recharger. As long as the temperature inside the pot is different than the outside, juice is sent through a heat resistant cord to an USB port. I usually boil water for my french press or freeze dried meals and this makes electricity while I do so. Batteries, cameras, GPS - anything rechargeable will benefit. You're going to pack a pot anyway, might as well get the most use for the weight you'll be carrying. As long as you have a liquid that needs heating and a heat source you have electricity - it comes with a storage battery and a flexible LED light stick. One of the best things you can do with $150!