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Name: Alie223

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Just picked up a Red Quest 10HV at the end of August at an end of summer sale. My reasons for choosing this boat were its promises to track straight, it's stability and my own expectations of where and how often I plan to paddle. On calm flat water and slow moving rivers, this boat is perfect however on any days where the winds pick up on an open lake, be prepared to paddle harder.

A great introductory boat for beginners, like me!

Picked up the Eddy-Flex vest in 'mango'. An affordable, unisex vest with several adjustment points to make a comfortable, secure fit. My only complaint is that unisex does not account for a women's specific fit. Salus seems to be taking that into consideration with their plans to release a 'women's specific' vest for 2015. In the meantime, my Eddy-Flex will suit me just fine!

Purchased online from REI and had it shipped to Canada but I hate to say it will be going back. The metal tubing seems flimsy and is only secured with a couple of screws. The locking suction cups were of a hard plastic as opposed to a more flexible rubber so it did not secure itself to my rear windshield very well at all and it fell off even after I cleaned both the window and the suction cups. This will be going back and I'm back to looking for an alternative assisting device.