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Name: bfountain

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Light & balanced -- this canoe is a dream to portage -- while I haven't weighed it yet I would guess 42-44 lbs.
Responsive -- it turns easily, quick to respond.
Tracking -- it tracks straight with minimal effort.
Swift -- it glides easily and is a fast canoe.
Silent -- no gurgling when gliding (good for wildlife viewing & early morning paddles).
Manufacturing -- while very light, the canoe is rigid and strong. No oil canning.

Ours is white on the bottom (to hide the inevitable scrapes with a clear coat above the waterline showing the carbon fibre layer beneath. It looks gorgeous. It is a kevlar boat with ash trim.

This Prospector is not 'traditional' but is an excellent balance between maneuverability and tracking. It is designed as a river boat but we found it terrific for lake paddling.

I fell in love with the look of this boat on the rack, but that is not what you buy a canoe for. A test paddle clinched the deal. So far it has only been paddled in Algonquin. Looking forward to taking it on extended trips to Temagami. It is an excellent design that has been wonderfully manufactured.

The Lolk Paddles are magical wooden canoe paddles -- light, strong, flexible. Ash or cherry (go for cherry!) Big blades to pull lots of water. Long flexible shafts for hours of comfortable flat water paddling. Contoured profile for smooth strokes through the water. Beautiful finish.
Tough to find but amazing paddles!