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Name: Cyberbrock

Most Recent Reviews

Bottom line up front...this is a great boat. I purchased this boat to be used on big, open water such as lakes and the Long Island Sound, etc. and so far, it has served me well.

The boat is stable, tracks well and has ample room for lots of stuff. The paddle holders are uber convenient, and the rod holders are a nice addition for those of us who fish. I thoroughly enjoy my time in this kayak, and while I have not faced truly big waves, she weathered 2-3 foot swells in Sound quite nicely.

If it's a solid open water boat you are looking for, the Quest 13 would serve you well. I am upgrading my son to a Quest 11 next year, that's how much I like mine.

This is a great boat for doing what it was designed to do...paddle rivers and creeks up to CL III while being very capable on slower water, lakes, etc. It's not the fastest boat on slow water, but I have done 12 miles on the Delaware in a single day trip. I also did my initial whitewater training in it, and could not have had more fun.

The quality of this kayak is great, and the only issue I have had is that the back hatch is sometimes difficult to remove, but a light coat of Vaseline seems to have done the trick.

If you are looking for a single boat to handle multiple types of water, you would be well advised to check out the Remix. I got the 9' since I use this kayak for mostly moving water, but if you plan on carrying lots of gear, look at the 10'.