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Name: jsew5

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I bought this kayak after reading these reviews and doing some price shopping. At $349.00 at Dicks' (clearance price) I couldn't resist. Like a lot of the others I'm new to the sport and just wanted to see if I would like it. Got into it mainly for the exercise. Only paddled two other kayaks (rentals), before this purchase, so I don't have a lot of background to compare it with.

O.K. Here's my opinion. It's great, and I'm hooked. My home river is class I,II. I just came back from her maiden voyage. Wow. Handled like a dream. Went right where I wanted it to. Dodging rocks and over mild whitewater was almost effortless. I bought the accessory spay skirt (not a full skirt) and only shipped a very little water from the paddle drip. I was amazed at the added control provided by the footpegs. The storage hatch has ample space for gear (as in a planned overnighter in the near future)and the speed was really impressive. The tracking on this kayak and the glide was the best that I have experienced.

I do have to agree with a previous poster (who I thought was on drugs, ha.) that when it's stopped in current it wants to go backwards! At 215# and 5'10" I was quite comfortable. I was a bit leary of the slight rocking at first as compared to the more flat bottomed boats I had rented. But I soon got comfortable with it and was on my way. Found it to be quite stable. Bottom line is it was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone.