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Name: jillypooh82

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Really enjoy this kayak! It is pretty basic and the material seems as though it might not hold up as well as others but a friend borrowed it and managed to sink it. It sat in the river for at least a month (maybe 2!) before the river went down and the farmer that owned the adjacent property pulled it out. It then sat outside on a hay wagon for another month and besides being a little dirty and having very minor rust on the rivets, it looks great! It is fairly light, which I was wanting and has all I need for day trips down the river with friends. The compartment on the back works decently as a cooler if you throw frozen water bottles or ice in but isn't very large. The front underbow is very roomy! I can throw my fishing bag, life vest, and a dry bag underneath and still have ample room. It is also open enough that I can slide my 4'6" pole in and not have any issues.