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Name: ronapurple

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I am just learning to SUP, and I ordered this a few months ago,and it is so stable and makes me feel secure. Pros I am still learning to stand up on it, but I have paddled around the lake sitting on it, on my knees, etc., and I feel very secure with it's balance, and the fact that it stays well above the water with me. Cons It didn't come with pads to stand on, and the board is very slick and easy to slide off of. I ordered some pads that I haven't applied to my SUP yet, but hopefully that will resolve the issue. Usage I got it to use for exercise, to get a good core workout as I paddle. I use it on South Holston Lake, and I look forward to buying a wetsuit and continuing to learn to stand up and get in fit.

I bought my Pelican Trailblazer 100 a few months ago, and I absolutely love it! I am totally new to kayaking, and this boat is so stable, and easy to carry. I can even fit it into my Jeep Patriot! I have fallen in love with kayaking now, and I can't get enough! Plus, it is a beautiful blue color!!!