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Name: DaDinger

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I started out the right way. I went to a "Kayak Days" event in Southwest Ohio. I tried a half dozen different "sit inside" kayaks. I immediately realized that due to my smaller stature getting in and out of that type of kayak was not for me.

A local sporting goods store "finFeather Fur", had an Ocean Kayak "Drifter" in their inventory. I told the salesman about my hesitating to buy a "sit inside" kayak. He suggested I try a "sit on top" kayak there in the store. It was so easy to get on and off of I couldn't believe it.

I have been using my "Drifter" for over five years and have caught fish I never would have been able to approach in any other kind of boat or from shore.

Everyone I have put on it can't believe how stable it is.