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Name: Canaltowne

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The 13.5 ft tandem Twin Heron 2015 model is a basic angler kayak. It came with 2 cannon rod holders, no deck rigging . The cockpit rim should have been glued on, mine is not. That being said, I bought it so I had room to take my Labradors paddling with me. I removed the front seat to give plenty of room. The back seat is comfortable. This Heron tracks really good, whether my dog is forward or right in front of me. My dogs are just learning and move around a bit, and have jumped overboard and I've pulled them back in, and it remained steady. It has room for & aft for coolers or other equipment.

I highly recommend this kayak if you want a good tracking, steady, dog-friendly, plenty-of-room kayak.

This was my very first kayak. It is steady, tracking is ok, not great. The seat is comfortable, it has some nice deck rigging and room behind the seat for storage. Easy enough to move around by yourself. Good beginner kayak. Easy enough with a small dog but was a tight squeeze with my young Labrador. I was lucky to find it in black & purple, Go Ravens!
I would recommend.