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Name: jimmar57

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This is something I never leave behind since the first time I used it while canoe camping. It is easy to set up and has several tie off points. The coverage provides a lot of shelter and and it is usually the first thing I set up when making camp. It is not too expensive, fairly light weight and fits nicely in the duffel I use to carry my tent. Glad I purchased it.

This is similar to the Stolquist Fisherman for about 3/4 the price. Offered by Bass Pro Shops. I'm not sure if Ascend is the manufacturer or if it is made by another PFD manufacturer for sale at outlets like BPS. This jacket is durable and comfortable. Sometimes I forget I have it on. The large stiff pockets are handy and inside are sleeves and attachment features to help keep stuff organized. I've used it for about 6 years now and it's still in great shape even though it gets sort of mistreated and tossed around. Lots of options for attaching things. I keep my Leatherman tool attached to the shoulder strap so its easily accessible when needed.

I've used the Base Camp filter for about 6 years on my trips to Quetico Provincial Park and other places. It is a great labor/time saver. Just fill it, hang it, and let it do the rest of the work filling up a collapsible water container. I had to replace the filter cartridge once. Occasionally, when the flow slows down too much, I've needed to remove and clean the membrane pre-filter material around cartridge when it gets clogged with pollen or other debris.