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Name: LeeGoodnight

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I first paddled a Baboosic three years ago at the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival. It was shortly after having purchased my first solo boat, a Bell Flashfire, and I felt that the Baboosic was a bit beamy although it handled well. I acquired a Baboosic last summer and used it for several day fishing trips. It reminds me of a mini version of my Prospector. It tracks well and glides wonderfully. I finally used it on an overnight trip under challenging conditions; a strong headwind with gusts of 25 mph. It tracked well and I had no trouble keeping pace with the seven kayaks in the party. Loaded the Baboosic is very stable and responsive. I have found the perfect solo boat for me! I'm not sure of the layup since it is a used boat but it's not too heavy. I'm a 6', 195 lb., 60+ year old and I have no trouble getting it on and off my Subaru Outback and carrying it 50 yards or so.

Having been an ACA Canoeing Instructor for fifteen years, and now an Instructor Trainer, I have long wanted a Prospector. It was a financial stretch, but I purchased one at the end of April and there are no regrets.
I have paddled it both tandem and solo in three instructor training workshops and on two personal outings. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this highly rockered boat tracks! It is definitely the BMW of the open canoe world. I love it, my students love it and best of all, my wife loves it!