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I just purchased this new model of Kokatat life vest. There are lots of good PFDs out there, but this has a feature I haven't yet seen in other brands: a built-in back slot meant to hold a hydration bladder. It also has good pockets in front to hold my small waterproof camera, radio/emergency beacon and other necessities. Be aware that this is at the top of the flotation curve ... there is much padding in the front to turn you over if you find yourself swimming. I got the "women's" model, which I think is just a matter of a different color, not internal design.

I've had my Guide for more than 15 years and love it for my favorite kind of river, Class 1- to II-plus. It turns well, tracks acceptably, and bounces happily through waves. I keep air bags in it except when I'm boat camping and need room for gear. I've outfitted it with foam for kneeling and use a Crazy Creek canoe seat for times when I want to sit upright. Great solo boat!

Too bad I can't rate the Guide an 11. I love this solo boat. I outfitted it with airbags and, though it doesn't have a high whitewater bow, it has taken me through lots of fun 2-plus rapids. It's a bit long for rock garden turns, but maneuvers well. It wasn't made for tracking, but is respectable on a lake. Perfect for class I-II moving water.