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Name: dfrazee

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Very sturdy and stable board, tracked really well and to my surprise my 220 lbs was able to balance with ease, I even felt so comfortable that I invited my Sharpai / Chocolate Lab mix pooch to join me. He loves riding on my kayak, but seemed to enjoy the freedom and stability of this board even more. He added another 50 lbs and moved around a lot, but it never came close to tipping like my kayak.. Pros The stability and weight bearing was phenomenal. Tracked straight and true. I here Vera Bradly is coming out with a signature line of dragon fly boards with the classic Vera Bradly print pattern. The Women will love it! Cons it was a little heavier that I expected. Usage Fishing in a fresh water inland NC lake. Awesome adventure.

Higherend SUP but what they says is true, you really do get what you pay for! It's a beautifully made piece of fine craftsmanship worthy of a place on my wall. It's narrow, we'll balanced and surprisingly light weight. It resembles a tip of a hunting spear, sharp, ultra thin and sexy. This board took some time to get used to, as I had only just last year mastered a SUP twice this width. I am 6'2 balance was a challenge. When I finally got it figured out no one could come close to matching my pace. This is one sick super fast board. Pros Super fast Light weight Well manufactured Cons Tough learning curve to balance Too narrow unless you are racing! To pointy Usage Exercise touring and relaxation. Really works your core as you shift to maintain balance.