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I wish to withdraw my negative remarks (below). I found Dave's number at Paddlelogic, he is sending me two new tires and explained they had a batch of tires like mine that did not work.

I am back in love with my Trailtreker Kayak Cart.

Used my Trailtreker cart for first time this morning with my Current Designs Sirroco. The cart is so simple but so fantastic. The Trailtreker slips on and off the rear of the boat in two seconds. It takes apart and goes back together in about 30 seconds and stores inside the kayak compartment.

This morning I had a rough steep downhill path to the Ohio River. The top of the incline had a 15 foot steep incline with large tree roots above ground and the ground it self had large bumps and holes. My 17 foot, 60 lb Sirroco kayak attached to the Trailtreker went down the 2 ft wide path easily and coming up was no struggle. It was like pulling the kayak on level ground, a pleasant surprise indeed. The Trailtreker does not need the kayak to be strapped on. My kayak and the Trailtreker stayed together like old buddies going over thick roots and bumps and ledges. None of my previous carts would have accomplished this bad path and incline with such ease. This truly seems to be a new approach to transporting my kayak.

The cart is a few dollars more than many others but worth it to me for the ease and efficiency. I always had a dried when I needed to use a cart. It is hard in words to describe the Trailtreker cart but the manufacturer has a very descriptive video if you Google them.