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Name: ceanfit57

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This board is well made and I especially like the front and rear bungee to help balance the load on Camping trips. Got an electric pump as this is alot of volume to pump up. The narrow width makes it go smoother and faster. Purchased from a website and when I tried to register the board for the 3 year warranty, I got runaround despite sending invoice and docs. To me that is a 2 star deduction. I own 2 other boards and have experienced excellent customer service. So now I know why I do not see much of this brand in USA.

FIrst SUP board purchase. I have the Adventurer 2 model a vast improvement at it's 10 4 length and more pointed nose. I am over 50, fit, and have kayaked for 3 years and bought this to provide Variety on the water. The View is just more incredible from almost 6 feet up looking down into the deep. The ease of climbing on and off, no hassle transport, and able to bump into rocks and branches without damaging the board makes for carefree paddling. Pros The look of the black and white design stands out. Pointed nose and bungee tie downs so I can safely bring snorkel mask and fins. Not too heavy at 26 pounds and no worries if board hits me in the soupy surf. Since buying a more expensive Fiberglass paddle, the glide on my Strokes has improved. Lastly, it just Feels more mellow to be paddling on Air than on the hard SUP I used to rent. Cons In the wind the inflatable can get a too light feel and seems to be harder to control. I have found my own solution and have tried it on friends ISUP also. Simply go to shore and find a rock or brick that weighs maybe 3 to 6 pounds. Plunk it down about 6 or 8 inches from front tip and you will be Amazed at how much better the board will track on a windy lake or river. Then toss it , and thank Nature for such a simple fix. Usage Lakes and rivers in Northeast, and some small surf when it's there.