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Name: HiBRiD109

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Picked up a used 2009 Pelican Pursuit 120. Got it for $200 and its in good condition. Its a green and blue tie dye so it looks cool. Having a 12 foot yak is great for a larger person. It claims to have a 300 lbs capacity and with me weighing 265 plus cooler and gear I had no problems. It tracks well on calm water but not so well if there is choppy water or wind present. Very nice leg room as I am 6' 3" with size 12 foot. The backrest is good for a cheap model but it did not come with a seat cushion but on a 5 hour trip I didn't have any issues.

The only complaint is that the water "resistant" hatch in the rear does not keep any water out. There just isn't any lip but I plan on modifying it in the future. It is a shallow well so its not getting into the hull. The backrest can be pushed forward to allow storing gear in the stern.

It has good stability and after 5 minutes of getting the feel I had no worries of rolling. The hull is a shallow V bottom and cuts through the water with ease. The cockpit is very large and allows me to pull my long legs out to let my feet touch the water while floating. I would almost say it's a hybrid between a touring and recreation kayak.