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Name: carvermatthewb

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I picked this boat up at the beginning of the summer off of Amazon and it was my first kayak. I have a pregnant wife and a toddler, so I wanted something stable and easy to transport with a truck full of camping gear. It's easy to set up and deflate; I've been impressed with the durability of the boat. I've paddled it on a large lake and down rivers, even over some class IIs and never had an issue. It bounces off of and slides over rocks with little trouble.

It takes some work to keep it going in a straight line on flat lakes and the wind will blow it around a bit, but it performs very well in a moving river. It's quite maneuverable and you don't notice how slow it is when it's in a little current. The seats are good, but it could use a few more d rings to make setting it up for solo paddling easier.

For the price, it's a decent boat. I fish off of it and haven't worried about punctures at all. The bright orange color is also nice, and I've had boaters on the lake comment about how easy it is for them to spot me from a distance.