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Name: michaelamb

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Nice stable board - good on both big water and small. this board was great for my young kids - rock solid and gave them confidence to paddle it in the big lake. Lots of fun for all paddlers Pros Stable and Solid Cons A bit slow for more advanced paddlers Usage Fun and Exercise

This is a really nice sit-on-top kayak well suited for fishing and fun! It is a stable hull with plenty of storage. I added a rudder which helps to make the hull track straight an true. It is a bit heavy to cart around and that is the only reason for the one point deduction otherwise, I am very happy with this boat!

This board is a blast for grown-ups and kids alike! It is a very stable board that tracks straight and is easy to paddle. My 7 year old twins enjoy being on this board as does my wife. It is a great board to be introduced to the fun of SUP! Excellent entry level board and is safe and stable in the surf or on the flats. Pros Stable and Fun Cons a little bulky Usage FUN!