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It's raining today so I'm taking the time to give my impressions of the 700X. Two years ago I bought a 600X and really loved it but I kept thinking the 700 would be a little faster. So, for several months I kept watching the QCC demo page and a carbon/kevlar boat became available. I received it in the Spring last year and paddled it off and on all Summer. The 700 is fast and handles all kinds of wind and water conditions well. The worst conditions I encountered was the bluz-cruz race in April. Strong Mississippi River current and 20+ MPH South wind against us. A real workout.

I started trying to sell the 600 immediately after receiving the 700 but didn't have any luck. Many lookers but no takers. So, from time to time I would switch boats and take the 600 out. Eventually, I decided to sell the 700 and keep the 600. Why?

The 600X is a great boat if you keep the weight down. I usually leave the dock at a little over 200 pounds + boat with all my stuff on board. The 600 paddles more like a sports car at that weight. The 700 tends to sit higher out of the water so it is affected more in high winds. Not a problem just different. Next, both boats are under 50 pounds but the 600 is easier to handle by myself when loading it on the trailer or on top of my golf cart.

In the end, the 700 now belongs to a friend of mine who is a stronger paddler and is able to get the extra speed out of it. If I was paddling heavy the 700 would definitely be the boat for me but for my style of kayaking the QCC600X is the boat for me.

Received my new paddle today and I am very pleased with it. First, it is a beautiful piece of work (art). Second, it is so light. It only weighs 26 ounces which compares to much more expensive full carbon paddles. I took it out for a little 6 mile paddle on smooth water this afternoon and was very pleased with all aspects of the paddle.

Before buying the paddle I tried a friends Epic full carbon wing, a Werner carbon foam core, and several other high end paddles. I liked each one of them in different ways, especially the weight but not the price.

I highly recommend the paddle.

I have been looking and dreaming about a QCC kayak for over a year now. I read all the reviews and anything else about them that I could find. Finally, a Q600X with carbon/kevlar and a skeg came up on the demo page. It came in yesterday and today we did a 19 mile trip on part of the Mississippi River in Northeast Louisiana.

After 4 1/2 hours with one stop I am very pleased with my purchase. The boat is fast and comfortable. It looks great. It fits great. I am 5'8" and 180 lbs and am glad I didn't get the 700. I think it might have been to big unless loaded with supplies. Several commented about the boat being tippy but it hasn't been a problem. In all kind of conditions from fast water, flat water with a 10 MPH headwind, weaving in and out of trees in flooded timber, it performed better than expected. The other paddler had a rudder and could navigate a little better in the trees but I just picked the skeg up and it did fine.

The boat was listed as a two year old in excellent condition but it's more like a brand new boat. I put the box out this morning for the trash pickup because this boat is staying here.

This is the first kayak I've built. It weighs 37 pounds which is not bad for a 16 foot boat. I can carry it with one hand which is kind of nice getting in and out of the water. It tracks like it is on a rail and never needs a sweep stoke even in 20-25 MPH winds. Just a little edging keeps it going where you are headed. It is definitely necessary to lean and edge turn it.

Initial stability is okay but secondary is solid. First time kayakers will find it a little tippy getting in for the first time but will quickly get used to it.

I am 5'8" and 175 pounds and the cockpit is just right for me. I built foot rest's and attached them to the gunwales which cause my feet to stick up higher than they should. On my next boat I'm going to attach them to the chine stringer which should help with this. Some builders have raised the deck a little and this might be a good idea if you have big feet.

We live a mile from the Mississippi River which is like a monster waiting to get you, or so most people that live here think. We've been on four river trips since the end of August including the Phatwater challenge which is a 42 mile race. Each time the boat handled extremely well only getting me wet one day when crossing a dike.

My impressions are very positive for the Sea Tour. In fact I'm currently building another one. My only complaint is it's not as fast as I would like for it to be. Might just be me.