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Name: antares1

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An Aleutian paddle is a Greenland paddle with a spine down the blade. Counterintuitively, the spine is on the power face. I will never go back to a Euro paddle. The blade may be narrow, but also longer, so I get virtually the same kick from the Aleutian. The stress is so much lower, though, that I can paddle faster and longer with it before needing to rest. My shoulders thank me for switching every time. I haven't used a Greenland paddle, but understand it can suffer from flutter. Not a concern with the Aleutian. I don't have to carefully monitor my blade angle. Why T and J? Tom, the owner, is very helpful with sizing and any other questions. You get a custom paddle for the base price. Pointed or rounded ends. Two tone finish. Personalized carved decoration on each blade. Made and delivered fast too. It's a Canadian company - for Americans, that means a great break on currency exchange. Around $150 U.S. For a little more, it can be 2 piece and/or hardened tips. I know this sounds like an ad, but I love the beauty and functionality of this paddle. I also admire that a centuries old technology can hold its own against today's tech.