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Name: Jrirwin1

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Great canoe! I've used it in about every situation.I've used it Solo, just me and my wife, I have 2 boys(1 & 2 years old)and have taken them out as well,separately and together. This canoe is super stable, in fact I've had the whole family out on a lake fishing with no problems. I've had it on small rivers and the Missouri river.Slow rivers and fast rivers. With it's lenghth it is relatively fast, and with a little practice you can turn it as fast as you need to. It weighs 80 lbs, which sounds heavy but I've never had trouble loading it on (or unloading from) my pickup or the wife's van by myself. I have had this canoe almost a year now, I used it a lot last spring, summer, and fall and cannot wait for spring to get here. I would definitly recommend this canoe if you're looking for a great all around canoe and you're on a budget. (This costs around $400)

My friend recently purchased a Blast and an Old Town Otter, and I have had the pleasure of paddling both. They are both about the same length, but the Blast rides lower in the water, and thus will drag bottom on logs you may not even see, whereas the Otter would clear visible logs. The Otter was more maneuverable, But the Blast tracks straighter. I was able to paddle upstream in both kayaks rather quickly. It has a nice sized, comfortable cockpit, I'm sure it would be suitable for fishing. Overall, I liked the Otter more, but if you can catch this baby on sale for $200 it is a steal as it comes standard with the footpegs and deck rigging, and the Otter does not.